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From New Years’ Celebration to Ramadan, Easter, Diwali, Navratri, and Christmas, celebrations are incomplete without lip-smacking food and most of our enthusiasm pops out at the dinner table with family and friends. Most of our foods are delicious but also some are quite unhealthy! So here we are to spill some healthy beans about eating healthy even during celebration without having FOMO! 

Healthy eating is essential for staying healthy and avoiding diseases like diabetes, cancer, and obesity. 

It's important to remember that eating too much might lead to bloating, reflux, indigestion, and nausea. Now, how can you avoid temptation when there are so many wonderful meals and calories to choose from?

When you feel the urge to splurge in unhealthy ways, you can quickly switch ways by first drinking a glass of water and then eating a piece of fruit. It might help you resist unhealthy temptations.

Eating more slowly also allows your body time to signal your brain when you’re full, which takes about 20 minutes. If you eat too much, too quickly, it’s easy to gobble up as much as twice what your body needs before your brain even gets the message.

Eating healthy needs not to always be bland and not interesting! It can also be healthy and yummy! Here are a few healthy dessert options for you to enjoy during celebration!                    


A simpler and healthier way to quickly turn you dessert healthy is to add jaggery or honey to it rather than sugar.  Minimizing the size of the sweets by adding extra dried fruits and nuts along with the fresh salads keeps your gut all happy and at ease. A fruit platter, fruit yogurt or low-fat ice cream instantly curbs all your sweet cravings.

You can even try out diverse dessert items such as avocado chocolate pudding, fruit crumbles, assorted berries, black bean brownies, raspberry thyme granita, orange yogurt truffles, and mixed fruit salads.

It is important to recognize that health is a valuable asset in life. With a healthy mind and soul, a healthy body reflects healthy living. Food habits must be carefully monitored because they provide nutrients as well as set the tone for daily activities.

Foods are grouped together because they contain similar levels of essential elements. Vegetables and legumes or beans, fruits, lean meats and poultry, milk, yogurt, cheese, and reduced fat are the five major diet groups.

Calcium and protein are important elements in milk, yogurt, cheese, and substitutes, while fruits are a significant source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C.

Celebrations don’t have to derail your lifestyle. You can always enjoy it, yet be mindful about what you are eating. Being so strict and rigid towards your body will also lead to more cravings and breakdowns. So let your body and mind enjoy the celebration together with your family and friends. 

Eat healthy, but also enjoy your food! 

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