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Babies are a tough nut to crack. Cute in their looks and super annoying when they don’t fall asleep. New parents have a hard time making their babies fall asleep. All that waiting for tiny little breaks from diapers and dishes goes in vain if the baby doesn't fall asleep quickly.

Babies cannot sleep while you command them, well they keep you awake using their crying command! We know that you don't want the baby to be crying loudly and being active; Rather all you want is to crash on the bed and have a few hours of good night's sleep. 

There are a few tricks and tactics, where you can make the baby fall to sleep without commanding them, but rather making them feel more comfortable and cosy. Let's first look into the reasons why babies don't sleep. Isn't that the question that needs to be answered? 

Reasons why babies don't sleep -

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  • Back-sleep resistance - As your baby fusses that they want to sleep on their tummies but the doctors have warned you about harmful effects of that: it's hard to make your babies fall asleep on their back. 

  • Sleep at Day, Party all night - All the babies fall asleep peacefully during the day, and just when you are about to crash, there they go, crying at the top of their voices. Since babies need 17hrs of sleep in 24hrs, they recover in the day and are up all night.

  • Restlessness due to late-night dinner - If the babies eat their dinner late, gas issues arise in their stomachs causing them to hurt and pain. This restlessness snatches their and yours sleep time away.

  • Growth takes away the sleep - When babies are growing up, like in the stage of their teeth sprouting, they are hurting and the pain keeps them awake. Their body is changing over time and they are figuring it all out.

  • Diapers - Another reason for the babies to stay awake can be uncomfortable diapers or wet diapers. This causes severe irritation to them, causing them stress and no sleep.

How to make them sleep - 

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  • Help the baby get comfortable in your arms - When the baby is resisting back sleep and wants to sleep on the tummy, help them get comfortable in your arms: It gives them a safe space and saves them from the struggle of sleeping on their backs.

  • Make their sleeping schedule tight - Let your babies play in the day, and do their findings of the world. Their baby energy needs to be channelized under your watch of course! This promotes deep sleep at night.

  • Ensure that the dinner is early - Don't feed your baby and immediately pat them to sleep. This makes them feel restless; Feed them at least a couple of hours before bedtime, so in case of any discomfort or loss of motion, they process it soon and fall asleep.

  • Help them in growth - Teeth growing is a disturbance to many babies. It makes them vulnerable and infants have the only support to reach out - crying. You can help them get comfortable and try feeding soft food so they don't have trouble digesting and they fall asleep.

  • Diapers are important - Infants keep crying when their diapers cause irritation or discomfort. Ensure that their bed is soft and soaks their urine away. Buy night diapers so that it soaks and keep them dry. Also, take care of the rashes caused by the diaper. Buy a good-quality soft diaper.

  • New parents', stop panicking!- You panicking or creating a scene does not help the baby fall asleep. To all the new parents, we know it's hard and it's new for you too. Take care and take it slow.

Infants tend to fall asleep when their dinner is light, they are worked up - make them laugh, keep them engaged in new things and make them play or crawl. As vulnerable as they are, they are too figuring out things like us.

Be soft with them and don't scold them to sleep. This does not help your baby sleep peacefully. Be gentle with them and treat them with kindness.  

Babies love sleeping and if they ain't, then they are disturbed. Figure out what it is and help them fall asleep. Take good care of yourself too. 

Reach out to a doctor if they are having trouble sleeping even after you did every measure. We might not know what their crying symbolises, so make sure to always take the expert's help. 

You can also read; Common issues faced by infants and how can a new parent tackle them! 

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