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The world is at its brink now; the epidemic took us into self-isolation to another level. That too, with World War Three seemingly close to appearing, we are now again, caught up in our own prison. What is our escape? Constant Netflix and Instagram won't do you any good but harm your little pretty eyes. That's when you unleash the hobbies stored within. 

Be it traveling (now since the world is open), or painting, or could be cooking as well or learning photography. Hobbies are important for survival. Something meaningful has perplexed the lives of those who never imagined that way when they were working full-time shifts. Hobbies are little rabbit holes, in which you go into your cocoon and create something for yourself and your happiness. 

Hobbies are known to be stress relievers; Yes, Yes, we all know what you are thinking. Another task on your to-do list? Man, that's hectic. But wait, we said it's a stress reliever. That's what your focus is supposed to be on! Okay?

There are several reasons why hobbies are important. It's good to stimulate your nervous system by calming it down and also being productive at the same time. You get to know the details and depths of that one hobby you cultivate. Your time and energy invested in it don't go to waste; it's valuable. And yes, it's always better to do something than nothing!

Let's look into the importance of various kinds of hobbies that we can cultivate in our lifestyle.

Physical Hobbies - 

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Physical movement never goes in vain. If you cultivate a physical hobby, it benefits you on many physiological levels - increasing your heart rate and brain functioning. It helps to stay fit, reduce fat, get in shape, release trauma from the physical body, strengthen the bone and much more. Physical hobbies include Hiking, Camping, Running, Swimming, Yoga or even martial arts. See what fits your needs and squeeze in this hobby accordingly.

You can take some time out for physical activities. It could be catching a sunset on a hill or swimming in the morning. Twenty minutes of movement and your body is ever grateful for you. Trust me! You can do this!

Mental and Emotional Hobbies -


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Stress, anxiety are some of the few free gifts we have received in this era. Call it a curse. But to bust it out of the system, it's good to carve some mental and emotional hobbies which help you throw out your emotions accordingly.

Take a pen, start scribbling a story, take your acrylics out and paint what you feel. It gives you a sense of mastery and self-control. This art saves you and yet makes you feel satisfied. 

Hobbies come in various forms, our confidence levels boost and we feel more secure, safe with ourselves as we are proud of ourselves when we create art. Go ahead, join an origami class or dance to your favourite music. Learn the art of photography and let the emotions flood away during the edits. Don't be judgmental. This is to make you feel better and so be it.

Social and Interpersonal Hobbies - 

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If you are the kind of person who loves hanging out, making new friends and creating a community, then hop out to explore new restaurants. Start a good blog and rate the food you like. Try out different cocktails and help people gain knowledge about that place. Go; interact, discuss philosophy if that's your thing. 

If you like singing, check the places which allow live music so that you can go, flaunt your voice and who knows, you might get some fans out there! You can also try going out to gaming zones and hanging out with people there. Learn new patterns of your life by stepping outside your box and finding your tribe!

Creativity and Self Improvement- 

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Some hobbies tap into our creative side and unleash a different side of us that even we weren't aware of: Engage in a creative hobby you feel called for. Don't force yourself; see if it matches your vibe. Hobbies are crucial to boosting your self-esteem. Like, if you want to be a public speaker, go ahead, take the step. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and go ahead inspire others with the motivation you get. Learn a new language, complete the undone sudoku puzzles. Travel alone, volunteer at some Buddhist monk's place. Go on a hunt for ancient architecture in your town, see what sparkles your eye, that's it. Go follow that.

Ultimately what are we trying to say is:

Choose a hobby that doesn't feel like a job but an escape to a different realm. Tap into your subconscious, ask your inner child what does it like doing, do that. Hobbies are vital and now you know how beneficial they can be. 

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