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In 2020, a study conducted in America shows that 12.2 million people in America alone think about suicide. 3.2 million plan a suicide attempt and fail, and sadly 1.2 million people get successful in their suicide attempt. This is heartbreaking. 

Suicide rates have increased up to 30% in the entire world - this concludes that we are not helping. We don’t know its causes, the importance of helping such people, lack of proper resources, and education on these kinds of topics. 

It’s a critical time for every human being on this planet right now. We are constantly up to something, which is clearly of no good. Mental health issues have always been brushed under the carpet. But when push comes to shove, these issues take physical form and convert themselves into Self Injury. 

Every year, March 1st is recognized as Self Injury awareness day (SIAD) by the entire planet. So, this year we have made a small attempt in educating you about self-harm, why is it done, how to help yourself and others around you:

When and Why do people self-injure?

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It is reported that every 11 minutes one adult dies. Depression, financial toll, debts, lack of healthy relationships, societal pressures, family issues, and above all, loneliness are some of the major reasons which makes a person weak on his knees. When our brain feels like there’s no hope, that’s when it tends to think that this is the end and they make themselves comfortable in darkness. Getting accustomed to this zone is extremely dangerous.

People think of harming themselves when they are going through a psychological breakdown and they are not receiving the right kind of help. The majority of people who attempt suicide are youths. In this ratio, the percentage of women is higher due to molestation, rape, and chronic depression caused during post-partum or abortion, etc. Society has a harsh way of tagging and naming who doesn’t come under their norms. 

Finding a legitimate source during such times and asking for help will definitely work and moreover asking for help is never wrong, your life, body, and peace matter the most more than a simple egoistic pride of the society. 

Importance of awareness - 


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Awareness is the first step to the cure. 

Since we know that most of the population is not even aware of this. 

WE ALL CAN EDUCATE AT LEAST ONE PERSON. Educating your parents, family, or friends who don't have much idea about this is also awareness. 

We all, collectively as a race, are no experts of self-harm despite it being a common alarming issue, but we can gain awareness of it and help people around us through these steps. 

  • Read journals on self-injury causes and why it takes such a toll. 

  • Value and respect people’s privacy and what they choose to share with.

  • Notice symptoms of these in friends around you, lend a helping hand and do not engage in gossip.

  • Serve kindness, you never know what is going on around the world.

  • Try donating to legit sources for causes like these

  • We make numerous posts a day on our social media. Take a day out and explain and educate about how vital it is to know about self-harm and lend hands for the people who are unaware of the symptoms. 

  • Tell your friends and family, you are available for them.

  • Talk to a professional

Tips to dwell outside Self - Injury -

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If you are having any self-injurious thoughts and have tried reaching out for help, yet have not received it - hold on. We hear you, we know that you might be tired of even calling for help. But one single message can change the entire thing. You can write to us at or sign up at the Fuzia Wellness community. We will get back to you within 24 hours. That's our promise to you. 


Here are some tips you can follow for yourself or your friends/family who are going through this - 

  • Don’t compare their hurt to yours - Tell them it's ok, validate their hurt and pain. 

  • Listen - Be a good listener. And if you want to talk - Find a good ear who can listen to you. If none, then record it on your phone, talk to yourself; no one can be a better listener than you yourself. 

  • Seek help - give help - Seek professional help if you are going through it, if you notice your friends going through any self-injury thoughts, be with them and give help.

  • Do not isolate yourself or the person going through such tough times. They need company - give them that. keep them occupied with a safe comfortable space.

  • Encourage yourself or the person who is going through such difficult times to have something fun to do, something of their liking. You can check our community section. We have a lot of events coming up. Don’t be too pushy.

  • Don’t normalise these thoughts - Never tell yourself or anyone that these thoughts are normal. Scream in pain, cry your heart out, laugh hysterically, emote your emotions but never put things under the carpet. Work on letting them go.

  • Rest - Rest is highly recommended at such times as the body is tired due to the low frequencies you are vibrating on. Hydrate yourself, and take some good rest in nature. 

In the end! 

Nothing matters more than yourself. Every day is a Self-injury awareness day for all of us. Let’s be more aware of things around us. It’s hard - agreed. But you can do this - that we certainly believe. Let's help out those who are in need; a simple Hi, hello or compliment can change a person's day entirely. Let's not wait for the change: Let's be and start the change!

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