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Tobacco, from its beginning, was chaos. We all knew it, but nevertheless, our habits of being toxic are clearly visible. We need something to escape from, or we get bored and try something, and then we are caught up in a loop of addiction. That is a nightmare. We are here to provide you with information on tobacco and also tips to quit it. Keep reading.

The growth and death caused by Tobacco

Since human beings have realized the side effects of tobacco, global use has fallen from 1.397 billion in 2000 to 1.337 billion in 2018. Approximately 60 million people quit Tobacco in between and that is great! 

This journey to them was not easy. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people a year! Yes, and among those statistics, 7 million are tobacco smokers and the rest are passive smokers or the ones around the smokers - this was even more shocking. 

The Teen Tantrum

Kids and teens are majorly introduced to this life-taking habit by watching their parents, family, and elders. Around 3,200 children in the states begin smoking at the age of 18. 

This habit, which begins as a teen, continues and amplifies its effects as an adult causing severe cardiovascular damage and reducing lung function and efficiency. Exposure to nicotine at such a young age leads to long-lasting effects on the lungs; Hence, reducing their stamina and stopping them from having it all. 

According to research, movies, and cool images of celebrities or actors smoking on the screen makes teenagers look good and instigate them. Many draw their inspiration and force themselves from there.

The effects and diseases caused by tobacco - 

We are well aware that tobacco does no good to us. But let's look into it carefully under the microscopic view. Did you know that more than 16 million Americans are currently living with diseases caused by Tobacco? Well, yes, we know it's a lot to process.

Here's what happens when you smoke - The smoke reaches your brain, heart and other organs within 10 seconds of your first puff. It then goes everywhere, reaching out to every blood cell and causing damage.

What nicotine does is, it spreads out in the body and releases dopamine chemical - the feel good chemical. This leads to addiction to tobacco. Making you feel happy, concentrated and energetic but in a completely wrong way!

Smoking tobacco regularly can ruin your body to another levels, like causing - 

  • Cancer related diseases

  • Chronic respiratory conditions

  • Heart stroke/diseases

  • Diabetes and infections

  • Vision loss and fertility issues

  • Hearing loss 

And so much more!

Prevention and the after effects -

Once you quit tobacco, it's not an easy way down. To struggle and require your brain for the regular nicotine dose, it takes courage. But yes, for sure it is worth it. Your health starts showing up - it will take time. But eventually it will show up. And many other things start happening, let's look into some -

  • Improved health status and enhanced quality of life

  • Risks of premature deaths are reduced

  • Reduces risk of other health issues like healthy reproduction etc.

  • Benefits health of pregnant lady smokers, theirs and the fetus's health improves.

  • Heart strokes are reduced

  • Stamina develops slowly - but gradually

Quitting smoking is one of the bravest things you can do to yourself. You save your life and the life of passive smokers around you too. Don't think it's too late, people who have been smoking for several years or heavy smokers have seen remarkable benefits when they quit smoking. 

There's hope, cling on to it.

Immediately when you decide to quit smoking - the health charts go up, a significant process is shown in years.

  • In a few minutes - Heart rate drops

  • 24 Hours - The nicotine levels in the blood drops to zero!

  • After a week - Carbon monoxide level drops in the blood

  • A year - coughing and breathing problems stop

  • 2 years - Risk of heart attack drops

  • 5 years - Extra cancer risk drops sharply.

You shall keep seeing your health improving over the years with your one good decision. 



Cravings happen, and we fall back to our own pattern. We make a bold decision to stop smoking, but then if we happen to be in a party where everyone around us smokes, you happen to drag a puff or two, and there go, spiraling down all your courage in the garbage! 

We all need some help to get over our bad health habits, here, we got you. Let's look into a few tips which can help you in quitting tobacco and not falling back to your own patterns.

  • Try Nicotine replacement therapy by replacing intake of nicotine into a nasal spray or inhaler

  • Avoiding groups that smoke or chew tobacco will help you alot.

  • Identifying triggers and not reacting to it or giving into smoking.

  • Try going into smoke free zones and delaying your tobacco urges for 10 minutes. This will exhaust your brain and it won't crave anymore.

  • If you are caught up in heavy cravings, give into chewing something. Like chewing sugarless gum, hard candy or munching raw carrots. Dry fruits, nuts, even these help you - giving you enough nutrients and helping you keep chewing something.

  • Stop the "this is the last one" cigarettes. This is a dangerous pattern. Refrain from doing so.

  • Physical activities help you distract and body makes you feel better when it releases serotonin. Run, sweat, do yoga, try doing whatever fits your body but workout daily.

  • Practice breathing and relaxing techniques. Resisting tobacco is a stress to the brain. Get some rest, focus on your breaths. Play relaxing music and try meditating.

These tips and tricks can definitely work but seeking professional help are mandatory. A professional can guide you through these dark times by giving a torch in your hand. We are here to say that, You are not alone! We are here to hold your hands, walk with you through this. Come and join our community to start your wellness journey. 

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