Top Specialists

Miloni Sancheti

Dietician, India

Years of experience: 11 year(s)

Dr.Amrin Pathan

Cosmetologist, India

Years of experience: 3 year(s)

Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker

Bariatric Surgeon, India

Years of experience: 15 year(s)

Ipsa Pandya

Dermatologist, India

Years of experience: 7 year(s)

Aastha Kapoor

Clinical Psychologist, India

Years of experience: 1 year(s)


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What we've got for you

Your mind and body needs the right care to help you keep up with your hustle. Now connect with expert healthcare professionals at your fingertips. Fuzia Wellness brings to you a wholesome digital portal with instant and cost-effective healthcare services, self-help resources, and a thriving wellness community to stand by you.


We root for you!

We know you love being on a roll but we don’t want you to burn a candle at both ends. Taking care of your mental and physical health is no longer time consuming. Nor will it burn a hole in your pockets. Now avail cost-effective and instantaneous consultations with expert healthcare professionals as per your schedule.

We are an initiative of our parent company, Fuziaworld, which works towards empowering women and promoting inclusive feminism through creative sources of expression and awareness. Fuzia Wellness is a global platform by Fuziaworld which aims at resolving the health and wellness challenges. We encourage individuals to build a life of substance by promoting health and wellness.

You can now trust your health and wellness with expert professionals at Fuzia Wellness. Safety and confidentiality of your data is our primary concern. Our experts are well vetted and have outstanding track records that showcase their prowess.

We understand you and thus we operate in a way that minimizes your concerns and optimizes solutions for all your problems. Our services and resources are catered to align with your lifestyle and offer optimized experiences.


What We Do

Fuzia Wellness started with a desire to make the world a better place for women and give them a safe place with no judgement; only love and support. It is during this journey we realised that wellness is usually seen as a luxury commodity, known for its exclusivity.

We believe everyone has the right to live their best life. It starts with one step towards your well-being. Fuzia Wellness is here to take that step with you.

We figured it was time we take it to every woman, in every corner of the globe. Hence, we expanded the horizons of our vision by creating a one-stop wellness module which is affordable, reliable, accessible and confidential.


Self-Help Resources

Looking for inspiration, feeling anxious or want some tips for a healthy lifestyle.
You have come to the right place.


What people are saying...

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  • I had a great experience. I love how the website looks and is very easy to navigate. The booking was seamless and the session with the expert was very thorough. I got myself a skincare routine that actually helps. I definitely want to come back and book another session. The team was also super helpful!

    - Muskan, India

  • I was very happy with my session. I booked a session with Miloni for a diet who was meticulous and attentive. It was very easy to book the session and I had a great time. I am looking forward to my follow-ups!

    - Pragati, India


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