Stress and Anxiety management

You will benefit from this package if

  • You are currently experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and are looking for a safe space to understand your psychological state of mind and learn healthy habits to deal with your existing stressors.
  • You are experiencing grief of losing a loved one, pet or even conflict in a relationship.
  • You are looking to interact with qualified, safe and judgement free therapists.
  • You are looking for a supportive environment where you can find other empowered individuals undergoing the same kind of issues at the workplace, relationships or home environment.
  • You are interested in learning self management techniques to manage your anxiety, deal with grief or trauma from the past.

What Will You Get

You will get access to -

  • Free Webinars
  • Free Resources
  • Customized content for you
  • 1 extensive session with an expert Clinical Psychologist to conduct your psychometric tests
  • 4 counselling sessions with a Mental Health Counsellor/ Counselling Psychologist.

And, and, and, that’s not it! To ensure that the process is smoother and friction-free for you, you will be guided by a Wellness Concierge by Fuzia Wellness. Your Wellness Concierge will take care of all your queries throughout your journey towards a stress and anxiety-free life.

Stress and Anxiety management

Price - 4500


You Save ₹1500

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