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We’re all told to soak up sunshine whenever we can just so that we get that Vitamin D.  This Vitamin is named the sunshine vitamin due to its ability to be absorbed through sunlight by the body. And whether you know it or not, it plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. This vitamin promotes calcium absorption which is extremely important for bone health. Calcium is necessary for bone growth and bone remodeling; a lack of vitamin D leads to brittle bones or even misshapen bones. But despite promoting bone health, Vitamin D has various other health benefits that we might not have known about. 

Here are 5 important health benefits of Vitamin D: 

  1. Vitamin D can help with weight loss- Many doctors say that obesity also comes along with a lack of vitamin D. So if you improve your vitamin D levels there is a chance that your weight loss journey might be easier. A study shows that overweight women who started regularly taking in Vitamin D lost weight at a quicker rate as come pared to those who didn’t.

  2. Vitamin D strengthens muscles- Yes, we all know that vitamin D helps keep bones stronger, but did you know that Vitamin D also strengthens muscles? Doctors say that a lack of vitamin D can lead to weakening in the muscles which makes individuals susceptible to falls. Doctors suggest that older individuals be given vitamin D supplements to help strengthen their muscles and reduce the risk of falling. 

  3. Support the immune system to fight inflammation- Vitamin D has the power to fight infectious bacteria and support our immune systems to grow stronger. Therefore, in illnesses such as cold and influenza, a doctor recommends vitamin D supplements. 

  4. Vitamin D reduces depression- Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating moods and fighting depression. In a study, scientists found that when people with depression were given vitamin D supplements they noticed an improvement in their symptoms.

  5. Regulates insulin levels-  Vitamin D regulates insulin levels in the body. Thus helping people with diabetes control their sugar levels and also preventing the early onset of diabetes in the young. 

The lack of vitamin D causes various problems, such as weak bones which are prone to breaking not only in adults but also in children. There is a risk of an increase in cardiovascular disease and autoimmune problems. Infections tend to worsen and take a longer time to heal. 

Before taking the supplements please speak to a medical professional for their guidance.

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